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J Marr has always been a leading light in the shipping world from the early days with the first UK factory freezer trawler the Junella

Management services and charters of note have included:

Charter of the Northella to the MOD for navigational training purposes 1983-1998

Supply and management of Farnella, to the USGS which surveyed the Western American seaboard on behalf of the USA

Other notable periods included support craft during the Falklands conflict and later Fisheries Patrol for the Falkland Island Government and fisheries patrol duties in the British Indian Ocean Territory

Supply and management of the vessel chartered to esteemed explorer Dr. R. Ballard which surveyed the Black Sea looking for evidence of Noah’s flood

Supply and management of the vessel Northern Horizon which discovered the World War II wreck HMS Hood and Resurveyed the German warship Bismarck with Mr David Mearns of Blue Water Recoveries as seen on Channel 4 Television

Marr Vessel Management also successfully managed the highly sophisticated and modern Diesel Electric Fisheries Research Vessel “Scotia” and “Alba-Na-Mara” on behalf of the Scottish Ministers for twenty years until 2010 when Scottish Government policy was changed and the vessels went back under in house management

On going at present Management of the Odyssey Explorer the vessel associated with the major discovery of the location of Admiral Sir John Balchin’s HMS. Victory lost in a storm in 1744, the Black Swan project, recovery of coins and artefacts from the American Civil War wreck SS Republic and the discovery of two war time wrecks SS Gairsoppa and SS Mantola

Vera Grace, built 1912. Northella and Cordella transferring troops during the Falklands Islands conflict of 1982.
Scotia managed for the Scottish Ministers by Marr Vessel Management Ltd Scotia Managed for the Scottish Ministers by Marr Vessel Management Ltd