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As the Group continues to expand, a specialist team is needed to organise the property needs of this rapidly expanding group, and to maximise the value of its diverse property portfolio.

J.Marr (Property) Ltd provides the appropriate level of property knowledge and expertise. It manages all the property owned within the J Marr Group, undertaking the negotiations for leasehold and licensee relationships with subsidiary companies, and with our other tenants on our various sites. The company also provides advice and support on acquisitions and disposals, management of site developments, alterations and property maintenance. It sets up leases, licences and subleases of property and the establishment, quantifying and charging of service charges.

With the combined expertise of the group board members, J Marr (Property) Limited can deal with all aspects of the property market covering valuations, buying, selling, letting and managing properties in both the residential and commercial sectors. Property has also undertaken responsibility for energy consumption and pricing and the reduction of carbon emissions for the Group, investigating all energy saving and Green energy opportunities plus finding any source of specialised funding or grants for these projects.

For more information about J Marr (Property) Limited please contact:

J Marr (Property) Limited

Unit 18, Langthwaite Business Park,
South Kirkby,
West Yorkshire WF9 3AP
Tel: +44 (0)1977 655888
Fax: +44(0)1977 655889
Email: [email protected]