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So far six generations of the Marr family have guided the company on its journey…

Determined to ensure a reliable supply of fish for his expanding fish processing business, in 1870 Joseph Marr bought his first fishing vessel. He was soon to see the benefits of his approach and was able to profit from the control he had in a disorganized and volatile market. The ability of the railway network to deliver fish across the country fueled a huge demand in sales but fresh fish needed a lot of ice to keep it cool and the J Marr company was there to take advantage of the new and emerging market.

With the heady days of the local fishing fleets over, the crippling consequences of the “Icelandic cod wars” in the 1970’s and the implementation of a stringent quota system The J Marr Company looked to other markets that could make best use of their skills. Five generations on from Joseph Marr he might not recognise much of the family’s fishing heritage but he would recognize the entrepreneurial skills and enthusiasm for hard work that he used when he started the company.

Today the J Marr Group operates in three sectors. Using our unique knowledge of shipping we now manage vessels for other owners who work in the marine research and recovery fields, as well as internal auditing. We operate a number of companies who supply water and ice products to the leisure and retail trades in fact we are now Europe’s largest supplier of ice products with manufacturing, storage and distribution facilities flexible enough to meet the demands that a change in the weather can bring. Over the past 30 years, the storage and movement of chilled and frozen foods has become a specialty business and one in which J Marr have excelled. With modern cold stores serving some of the UK’s most well known brands our investment in cold store and logistics companies continues to show significant growth.