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The secret to successful vessel management is hands on experience and the ability to interpret the needs of the individual owner…

When Joseph Marr bought a fishing vessel in 1870 to ensure a reliable supply line to his fish processing business, little did he realise that he was setting a precedent. His notion of an integrated approach has since inspired five generations of the Marr family who have used the ethos to promote efficient practice in the sustainable harvesting and protection of the sea's natural resources.

Today the group has moved away from the fishing industry and vessel ownership and successfully specialises in vessel management, at the present time Marr Vessel Management manages one vessel DP ROV vessel

J Marr (Shipping) limited is a member of the Marr Group of Companies and via its subsidiaries Marr Vessel Management, and Northern Crewing Services, specialise in managing and supplying crew for Research and Survey vessels. The last 30 years has witnessed vessel specification and complexity inevitably moving forward, this in itself presents new challenges. Together, the Marr Group possesses a level of experience, knowledge and expertise that fully justifies its high profile in all aspects of marine resource management and allows us to constantly achieve and meet the challenges of modern shipping management.

Our commitment is demonstrated by our ability to interpret the needs of the individual vessel and owners and to adapt accordingly, this along with our resolve to maintain and support voyages engaged in all aspects of modern marine science has remained a strength that few can match

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