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Our New "branding" was inspired by our history but reflects the modern enterprise we have become...

For those of you that have heard the name J Marr in the past, it would probably have been synonymous to, and wholly associated with the deep sea fishing Industry.

Few will know that today J Marr and its subsidiaries are Europe’s largest supplier of ice products or that we operate a growing cold store and logistics business. Even more surprisingly is that the mineral water served in some of the UK’s most sophisticated restaurants also comes from a company within the J Marr group.

The J Marr Group Mission, Vision and Values.


The Ice Co – the leading manufacturer of quality ice and water products, temperature controlled storage and distribution, with brands that are internationally recognised as the product of choice.


Dedicated to consumer enjoyment, our customers success, product availability and service.

Europe's leading supplier of innovative ice and water products.

A growing network of cold storage and distribution locations across the UK.


Innovation: We will lead the market through product and process Innovation

Customers: We are dedicated to the success of our Customers

Employees: We value everybody's opinions and we are passionate about investing in our Employees